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MEMBER Custom Dash kits in Wood, Carbon Fibre, Brushed Aluminium, and Custom Colours, it's even available in Camouflage!

Far too often when we customize our cars and trucks we only think of things like spoilers, wheels, and performance parts, when the part of our vehicle we interact with the most is the dash. If you want to personalize your ride to make it your own, why not start with what you see when you’re behind the wheel, and a great way to do it is with a custom dash kit. Choose from wood, carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, custom colors, and even camouflage.

In Dash Wood Trim kit - Toyota

Don't think these are some poorly fitting, cheesy appliques that will peel and fall off after a few days. All of the dash kits we offer are made of quality materials, including real wood for some applications. Each dash trim piece is precision designed and cut for a perfect fit. If you have some wood grain factory trim, like on a shift knob for example, and you want to complete the wood grain look, we offer kits that can perfectly match the OEM color and pattern. And each piece is treated with a clear protective coating to protect against UV rays and prevent fading.

With a wood dash kit you will find it extremely hard to keep your attention fixed on the road ahead because your eyes won't be able to stop looking at the dash. Aero CarParts offers you to choose a wood dash kit in our comprehensive online catalog. Express your personal style with an elegant kit made to fit perfectly over top of your existing factory parts.

At Aero Car Parts, we specialize in many different types of automotive dash kits and dash trim kits to enhance and dress up your dash board with lots of different finishes and colors to choose from. We offer dash kits for cars, trucks and SUV's. At Aero Car Parts we supply and install dash kits of the highest quality and appearance. Wood, brushed metal, carbon fibre, checkered tones, wasp honecomb or solid colors. Aero's kits are custom made for any vehicle model, make and year.

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