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Get 3M Protection in Edmonton

We install 3M protection film from pre-cut kits so there is no cutting on your vehicle.
Bring your car into our Edmonton shop to protect its paint job.

Defend Your Car with 3M Protection in Edmonton

Your car is a major investment. That's why you do whatever it takes to keep it in good working condition. You check the parts regularly, replenish the fluids, and take it to the shop for maintenance. You also keep the paint in pristine condition. Without a smooth paint job and a rust-free body, your car's value decreases.

Unfortunately, your car's paint faces threats every time you're on the road. Rock chips from passing cars, acid from bugs, and scratches from other drivers all wear at your car's paint job. 

3M protection in Edmonton keeps your car's paint in mint condition. Visit Aero Car Parts for protection that lets you drive without fear of damaging your car's paint.

What Is 3M Protection?

3M protection film is a clear film we place over your car to protect the finish. Technicians can install it in various places, including:

  • Hoods, roofs, and trunks, which protects your paint from trees and bird droppings
  • Bumpers and mirror backs, which protects your paint from tar, small rocks, and bugs
  • Door edges and handle cavities, which protects your car from key and ring scratches
  • Rocker panels, which protects your car from stones, sand, and gravel

You won't have to worry about yellowing or maintenance when you choose our Scotchguard Paint Protection Film. It comes pre-cut, which keeps your car safe from sizing scratches. Plus, your paint stays safe beneath the film—neither application nor removal harms the original paint.

Contact Aero Car Parts

When you need 3M protective film in Edmonton, turn to Aero Car Parts for help. Our experienced staff members are just as passionate about your car as you are. We take every measure to keep your car safe and provide the aesthetic result you're looking for.

To learn more about our 3M film, car parts, or company, call our office at (780) 440-6017. You can also call us toll free at (888) 440-6017. Once you visit our Edmonton office, you can get to work protecting your car's paint.

3M protection in Edmonton

3M Scotchguard Paint Protection

3M Scotchgard paint protection is installed with pre-cut kits. NO CUTTING on your vehicle.






3M paint protection can cover any spot were a rock can chip your paint.

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