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Aero Car Parts provides professional installation services for all sorts of vehicle accessories including heated seats. This video shows the process involved with professional heated seat installations.

Speaker Replacement
Speaker Replacement


If you want your music to sound great, take a look at replacing your current car speakers. Dollar for dollar, it's one of the best ways to improve your car's sound. With good car speakers on board, you'll enjoy brighter highs and beefier lows. Plus, you'll probably hear details in your music that may have been missing before. There are speakers available to match almost any car and system. If your existing factory stereo sounds muddy and muffled, a new set of 2-way or 3-way speakers will provide that extra crispness and detail you're looking for.

Vehicle manufacturers don't always think about great sounding speakers when they're designing a new car model — they've got plenty of other issues to think about. You'll hear the difference that commitment makes when you install brand-name speakers in place of the factory-installed originals. Our car audio installation team understands the importance of using high-quality materials and products tailored to your vehicle. Our professional career has lead us to the best quality speakers available at every price point.

Add an Amplifier
Add an Amplifier


Some people think that amplifiers are just for car audio enthusiasts who want the whole world to hear their bass. In reality, an amplifier is a key product for anyone who cares about great sound quality and awesome music. An amplifier provides cleaner sound, more power and better performance. A really good quality amplifier will do the best job of controlling your speakers to replicate the sound as it was intended- so you’ll be able to hear the reverberation in the vocals and identify each individual instrument.  That’s because a good amp won’t keep moving after it’s supposed to stop.  This control gives you the clarity you’re looking for to enable your speakers to produce the right sound.  It also has the horsepower you need to drive those speakers. In addition, a high quality amplifier, helps improve in-car speaker performance. The extra thick aluminum is designed to pull heat away from the internal circuit board, resulting in cooler operation and increased functionality.

Add A Subwoofer
Add A Subwoofer


Now you may think ” I don’t want that annoying rattling and those disturbing glances from fellow drivers at a stop light.” This is far from our typical setup in our customers’ vehicles. Our subwoofer installations compliment the sound system in your car much like a home stereo system, not overpower it. Most factory sound systems can't give you the dramatic and high quality bass range that comes from having a subwoofer. Achieving the bass tone you want depends on power, space, enclosure, sensitivity, impedance, and number of voice coils. Aero Car Parts can help  you with all of your subwoofer needs.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lighting offer real advantages over other technologies. They won’t burn out, require no maintenance beyond normal lens cleaning, and produce light with a color temperature that is close to daylight.

LED lighting offer real advantages over other technologies. They won’t burn out, require no maintenance beyond normal lens cleaning, and produce light with a color temperature that is close to daylight. LED lighting does'nt just provide more illumination on the road ahead, they offer a unique look that makes a statement. So motorcyclists can roar through winding roads with confidence, and classic car connoisseurs can show off that ride with pride. Perhaps the most important advantage an LED light bulb has over a traditional light bulb is its innate efficiency in converting electricity into visible light. LED light converts about 90% of the energy it receives into visible light with only 10% given off as heat waste.

This means that an LED light bulb can produce substantially more illumination per watt than a comparable halogen bulb. LEDs are also built to last for the off-road adventurer who wants to cover new ground on the trail that never ends.


HID Lighting

Xenon HID headlights are taking the motoring world by storm. Drivers from across the world are choosing to upgrade their standard factory headlights to new xenon HID models, providing significant improvements to the quality and clarity of the light that is produced. Not only do they look incredibly cool, these headlights also offer a range of technical benefits over and above the standard option. This makes them highly desirable for those who want to get the most out of their car, and for those who are determined to squeeze the very best performance out of their drive.

HID stands for “High Intensity Discharge”. HID Lighting Conversion Kit is the revolution concept in automotive lighting industry. The concept of HID lighting system is to produce high lighting output which are 3 times the brightness compare to traditional headlights. Upgrading to Xenon HID headlights will increase night time driving visibility instantly. You will feel much more confident behind the wheel when driving during night time. There is no modification needed on the car in order to enjoy our premium hid headlights. Our trained staff will ensure the proper installation & safety of your vehicle for many years down the road.

Window Tint
Window Tint

Window Tint

Auto window tinting has been proven to be an excellent investment and a real convenience to all car owners. We truly believe that the glass tinting industry is an industry that can help the future. The environmental benefits of glass films and window tinting should be further brought out to the government, businesses and the general public.

For the most amazing auto window performance and quality, choose Aero Car Parts. All our auto window films are made from state-of-the-art products to ensure the safety of your car, your belongings and most importantly, your passengers. We provide superior vehicle privacy along with maximum comfort and extreme solar heat protection. Our advanced automotive window films are constructed using the finest materials and the latest technology that’s best in the market. With our lifetime warranty, you can guarantee that you’ve made the right choice for your vehicle’s protection.

3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series
3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series

3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series

There’s a 100% chance something will wreck the paint on your new car. Rocks, bugs, stone, sand, harsh weather, keys, salt, rings — you name it. Our virtually invisible film tirelessly protects your paint, even when you can’t. Get it professionally applied to the high-impact, vulnerable areas of your vehicle. The film has advanced flexibility and hugs tightly to curves and contours, which makes it easy to install and leaves no visual trace.

First step is to select what coverage you are looking for to protect your vehicle. Pre-cut Kit for hood/fender/bumper and mirrors? Bikini cut, extended or Full Hood... or custom cut? Once done, select your film with our pro installers. Preparation for clear bra is the most crucial  step of a long lasting & successful installation. Our experts will also remove emblems, marker lamps, trims... to allow the most invisible protectection possible. The smile on our client's face is what makes us work so hard for and love our job!

Aero Car Parts only uses the best materials, designs and techniques. You can rest assured we will exceed your expectations and provide the most durable and invisible clear bra possible.

3M Vinyl Wraps
3M Vinyl Wraps

3M Vinyl Wraps

With a top provider such as 3M, there are many inferior quality vinyl wrap materials on the market today, which don’t offer any warranty and don’t perform as advertised. After being in this business for so many years, we have worked with every brand available and learned why they don’t work. Today we use only the best materials available: 3M vinyl for performance vehicle wraps. This means your vehicles vinyl wrap will look great for years to come.

While a custom paint job can take weeks and several thousands of dollars to complete, a vinyl wrap can be installed in one or two days at a significantly smaller cost. Our installers will measure, trim, and apply the adhesive matte vinyl wrap to your vehicle with expert precision, for a weather resistant, customized look.

Paint and Dent Repair
Paint and Dent Repair

Paint and Dent Repair

At Aero Car Parts, we can repair body damage, dents, dings and scratches that occur due to car accidents and everyday life. Our technicians can easily make damage disappear with an expedited and streamlined process. Our goal is to get you back to your normal day-to-day with amazing customer service and excellent quality of work as soon as possible.

Aero Car Parts team of certified technicians lead the industry with the ability to repair everything from major vehicle damage to finer cosmetic issues. With more than XX years of experience, there`s no better place for auto dent repair than the Aero Car Parts.

Air Filters

The basic function of an air filter is to prevent dust and other harmful particulate matter from entering the engine's cylinders. They are a necessary part of your car's engine, but can also be performance enhancing. How? Air filters can also act as a magnifier, forcing air into the combustion chamber while performing their job of blocking out harmful matter. As air is needed in the combustion process, having more air results in better combustion, and hence improved performance. There are two types of air filters available, the open pod type and the drop in type. Drop in filters are easier to fit, requiring just a simple swap with the existing filter, and are most beneficial to automatic cars as they can work at low revs. Open pod filters however requires the removal of the whole standard air intake to install, and work best with manual cars, as they generally need higher revs in order to work optimally. The performance enhancing benefits of aftermarket air filters are well-known, but whether these gains are substantial again depends on the type of filters used as well as driving style. Aftermarket air filters also trade off their filtration benefits at the expense of improved air consumption, so regular maintenance to clean the air filters is necessary.

Air intakes

Air intakes work on the same basic principle as air filters, that is, to shove air into your engine. Of course, air intakes do not offer filtration functions, so they are purely a performance enhancing addition. Theoretically, the more air intakes fitted, strategically positioned at the appropriate areas such as at the radiator or on top of the bonnet, the more air enters the car's system, and once again, results in better combustion and improved performance. Hence why you see performance cars with air scoops on the bonnet, in the bumpers, and at the radiator grille. Like air filters, aftermarket air intakes have been proven to be able to improve performance, but having them installed correctly is crucial in order to extract maximum performance gains.

Power chips

Power chips are products that are "tagged" onto the engine that promises to increase power, as well as improve fuel economy. One example is the Sixth Element T1 Power Chip, which is fitted onto the water pipe of the car's radiator system. Using German quantum technology, the T1 Power Chip bringing down the running temperature of the engine by about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. Sixth Element claims that this will help improve fuel consumption by 5 to 7%, increase the engine's low speed torque and horsepower, as well as generate lower running temperatures overall for the car, preventing overheating. Sixth Element also features another product which promises to reduce fuel consumption further, namely the Power Bar V1s. This device is plugged into the car's cigarette lighter socket, and promises marginal increases in horsepower in seconds. The product works using quantum science, breaking the ions into smaller particles, and rearranging them into a more compact arrangement. By strengthening the signal transmitting into the free electron microchips that are present in the transmission system, thereby resulting in more efficient gearshifts and better fuel economy.

Edmonton Car Alarms, Starters & More

Increase Your Vehicle's Convenience with a Remote Car Starter in Edmonton

When it feels freezing cold outside, the last thing you want to do is scrape snow off of your car's windshield. You want to avoid the harsh Canadian winter as well as any delay to the beginning of your day. You can prevent all this hassle and more with remote car starters in Edmonton.

Eliminate Your Wait Time with 2-Way Remoter Starters

Use two-way Compustar remote starters to avoid wasted time waiting for your car to warm up. You can start the car a few minutes before you are ready to go. Then the remote will notify you when your car has warmed up completely. Now you can leave as soon as you are ready, despite the outdoor conditions.

Monitor Your Vehicle's Status

A remote car starter can communicate more information in addition to its starting status. Many car starters, such as the mobile-enabled DroneMobile starter, give you real time updates about the condition of your car. You can get a GPS location of your car, detect possible intrusions, and remind yourself about needed maintenance.

Increase your control over your vehicle with a remote car starter. Call our technicians at (780) 440-6017 to schedule an installation today.

We carry a wide range of products for whatever your car needs in Edmonton. 
Take a look now at our selection of car alarms, car starters, and much more.


The function of a rear spoiler is to control the flow of air streaming over a vehicle and properly manage it when it reaches the rear where turbulence is most likely to form. A correctly designed spoiler will counteract the lifting forces that most cars experience when speeds get high, and it will enhance rear grip by keeping a vehicle's rear end planted firmly against the road - without causing excess drag.

While aerodynamics do not play as huge a role at U.S.-legal speeds, they can make the difference between life and death on racetracks or high-speed German autobahns. In fact, the absence of a spoiler or the presence of one with a faulty design can actually cause a car to lift off the road surface when velocities reach extra-legal road speeds. All control is lost at that point, and a vehicle can end up sailing off in an untold direction - with disastrous results. So one important question to ask is which type of spoiler is right for you and your driving style.

Don't Let A Spoiler Spoil Performance

If spoilers are not properly designed, they can actually cause drag that slows down the car or makes it unstable. A good spoiler is shaped and angled to create a controlled air vortex behind you as you go. Managing how the air leaves the surface of the vehicle minimizes drag and increases stability.

Imported Car Parts

The automotive parts market today accommodates both local and foreign auto parts. The latter, depending on the brand, can sometimes be hard to find. At Aero Car Parts, we have fulfilled the import auto parts needs of car owners in the Central Alberta region. Major auto parts may include the following:

  • brake pads/shoes,
  • batteries,
  • spark plugs
  • water pump
  • serpentine belts
  • O2 sensors
  • routine parts and accessories

Other parts available:

  • Radiators
  • Grilles

How to Find your Part: Finding the right automobile engine part is quite easy for those who know where to find them. Mostly, people will go directly to the manufacturer which can sometimes be harder to reach. But then there’s Aero Car Parts. If you are one of those who don’t know where to start, then it’s time you go to Aero Car Parts. The name speaks for itself because you are guaranteed quality and affordable import auto parts.

If there are any specific parts that you need, please feel free to contact us by phone or email on our contact page. You can also visit us at 7304 - 50 Street NW Edmonton AB, T6B 2J8 from Monday - Saturday.


The moment you feel you are paying unreasonably high prices for auto parts, then you most probably are. At Aero Car Parts, we strive hard to give you the best deals, high- valued import auto parts at less the cost you get at your local dealers.

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