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Dash Cams

Momento M6 Dash cam

The Smartest Dash Cam on the Road

You’re a safe, responsible driver, but accidents happen: Luckily, Momento’s got you covered:

  • Driving Mode
    Driving Mode – Continuously records everything at the front and rear of your vehicle while driving.

  • Impact Sensors
    Impact Sensors – Stores 15 seconds before and after any impact or shock your vehicle experiences

  • Parking Mode
    Parking Mode – Even when you’re parked, the M6 has motion sensors that trigger recordings.

The Momento M6 is a smart dash cam that provides 270° of surveillance coverage – and records footage that you can view from the Momento smartphone app!

The M6 is Momento’s first dash cam that connects to your smartphone by creating a small and secure Wi-Fi hotspot inside your vehicle that only you can access through the Momento App.

In addition to giving you easy access to your video files, the Momento App also provides additional driving insights such as speed, location and trip data.

Momento M6 Dash Cam
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DVD & Backup Cameras
DVD & Backup Cameras
DVD & Backup Cameras
DVD & Backup Cameras

DVD Options

Headrest and Roof Mounted DVD Players

Gone are the days when entertainment in the vehicle was singing and playing games that coordinated with the cars that passed by. These days, children and adults alike want to be entertained as they travel. If your vehicle doesn’t come standard with a DVD player, whether it is an over head dvd player or a backrest mounted dvd player, it is worth the cost to add one. It will not only bring you hours of peace and quiet driving, but it is an addition that is worth the cost in terms of sanity.

Turn the misery of a “on highway” traffic jam into a peaceful opportunity to keep the kids entertained with a roof mounted DVD player or even the portable, “behind the headreast” type of dvd player.

If you want a unit you can mount overhead, this one is perfect for an in vehicle dvd player. The gigantic 11.2 inch screen allows ample viewing room for all. It has AV, USB, SD Inputs so that you can hook anything to this dvd player. It has a nice 800 X 480 Screen Resolution that not only gives quality, but makes the dvd picture clarity impeccable.

Even if you are not a fan of DVD movies in your car, the convenience of being able to slip in a DVD and have the family quietly watching a video while you enjoy the peace and quiet is worth it’s weight in gold. Road trips can again be relaxing and “mostly” peaceful with an in car DVD player, or a headreast mounted DVD player.


Headrest DVD players bring the theater experience to your back seats, giving your passengers a new level of DVD entertainment for short drives or long trips. Headrest DVD players feature many convenient and entertainment features, like wireless bluetooth headsets, touchscreen monitors, DVD players and even video game players or video inputs. Headrest DVD players come in a variety of styles to match the look and color of your original headrests, making them appear like these headrest DVD players came from the factory.

DVD  Players

We have a  variety of Headrest DVD Player options available.

  • 2 screens 1 player – This means that only one DVD plays at a time
  • 2 screens 2 players – This means that each headrest can play its own DVD.

Most dvd players come with 2 sets of head phones and remotes. Available in leather or cloth.

Backup Camera Options

Wired and Wireless vehicle Backup Cameras

An estimated 292 people are killed and 18,000 injured each year by drivers who back into them, usually in driveways or parking lots. Young children and elderly people are most likely to be killed in such crashes. Backover risk is increased by the large blind zones of many vehicles, which prevent drivers from seeing objects behind the rear bumper, especially objects that are low to the ground. SUVs and pickup trucks typically have the biggest blind zones, and they are involved in more back-over crashes than cars.

In many of these cases a backup camera with a large view screen could have stopped or avoided these accidents. A few years ago, backup cameras were used primarily for the camping crowd. You would be able to backup to your hitch with an easy to see backup camera. These days with more and more safety features being built into cars and trucks a backup camera and even front facing cameras are becoming more and more popular.

One of the big issues drivers face with backup cameras is having them professionally installed. making sure the right camera and view screen are matched so there is an easy to see, effortless to use safety feature at your fingertips.

Aero Car Parts will provide and install one of many different models depending on your preference and budget. You can have a separate view screen or an “in the mirror” image to help reduce where you have to move your head to view the backup cameras image.

As many camera systems come with a variety of wiring options and todays cars are so intricate with their wiring and electronics it is extremely important that you have an installer with many years of experience in these kinds of systems. It is possible to install it yourself, but with Aero Car Parts you can be assured of a clean, professional install that is well worth the time and reasonable cost. Why tear or otherwise potentially damage your interior, when Aero car parts has the facility and experience to provide a damage-less install for you.

Backup Cameras
Backup Cameras

Below we have a downloadable PDF which displays a wide range of camera options. There are “in the handle backup camera options, there are embedded in license plate holder backup camera options and even embedded within the logo backup camera options. The “close to factory” Dodge tailgate handle backup camera option is also available.

Aero Car Parts also has a large selection of navigation systems, replacement display screens and other parts for your entertainment or navigational systems. Whether you are replacing a backup camera, entertainment or navigation system, repairing a backup camera, entertainment or navigation system or buying a new backup camera, entertainment or navigation system Aero Car Parts has the right backup camera, entertainment or navigation system for you or Aero Car Parts can find the backup camera, entertainment or navigation system you might be looking for.

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