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Increase Your Vehicle’s Convenience with a Remote Car Starter in Edmonton

When it feels freezing cold outside, the last thing you want to do is scrape snow off of your car’s windshield. You want to avoid the harsh Canadian winter as well as any delay to the beginning of your day. You can prevent all this hassle and more with remote car starters in Edmonton.

Eliminate Your Wait Time with 2-Way Remoter Starters

Use two-way Compustar remote starters to avoid wasted time waiting for your car to warm up. You can start the car a few minutes before you are ready to go. Then the remote will notify you when your car has warmed up completely. Now you can leave as soon as you are ready, despite the outdoor conditions.

Monitor Your Vehicle’s Status

A remote car starter can communicate more information in addition to its starting status. Many car starters, such as the mobile-enabled DroneMobile starter, give you real time updates about the condition of your car. You can get a GPS location of your car, detect possible intrusions, and remind yourself about needed maintenance.

Increase your control over your vehicle with a remote car starter. Call our technicians at (780) 440-6017 to schedule an installation today.

We carry a wide range of products for whatever your car needs in Edmonton. Take a look now at our selection of car alarms, car starters, and much more.

Compustar Pro T12 Remote Starter

Compustar 2WT12

3-mile max range, USB rechargeable, IPX-7 waterproof remote kit. Includes one 2-way LCD and one 2-way LED remote. Works with all Compustar remote start and security systems.

Note: the PRO T12 is an update to the PRO T11 remote kit that now includes a 2-way LED companion remote. Both kits include the 2WT11R-SS remote.

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Our Most Popular 2-Way System 2 Way G9 (RF-2WG15-SP)

The 2-WAY G15 Remote Start System has been one of Compustar’s most popular remote starters because it adds premium features to your vehicle, but at entry level prices.

The 2-WAY G15 remote provides simple LED and audible confirmation whenever you successfully remote start or secure your car. Equipped with 3000 feet of range, you’ll almost always be within range to remote start your car.

RF-2WG15-SP Remote Kit
Professional Installation

Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts

PRIME T9 Model: RF-2WT9-FM 2-Way LCD, 3000' Range

3000-ft max range remote kit with 2-way interactive LCD. Includes additional backup 1-way remote. Works with all Compustar remote start and security systems.

Lock and start your vehicle with confidence using Compustar 2-way remotes, which provide visual and audible confirmation when your commands are sent successfully.

Along with instant command confirmation, the PRIME T9 has an interactive screen that will show your vehicle’s status at all times.

3000′ Max Range
2-Way LCD Confirmation
2-Way Alarm Alerts
Includes Backup 1-Way Remote
1-Year Remote Warranty

Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts

CES Innovations Award Winner (RF-2W901-S)

The 2-WAY 901 Remote Starter captures everything that has made Compustar the top brand of remote starters: quality, innovation, and reliability. The 901 remote made Compustar a pioneer in the use of Spread Spectrum Technology to send commands to vehicles over long distances (up to 1 mile). Whenever you send lock, unlock, or remote start commands, this remote start system provides instant visual and audible confirmation via the 901 remote.

RF-2W9001-SS Remote Kit
FT-6200S-CONT Remote Starter
Professional Installation

For Your First Remote Starter (RF-1WG6-AM)

Small. Tough. Water proof.

1000-ft max range, water-resistant remote kit. Includes two 1-way remotes. Works with all Compustar remote start and security systems.

Compustar RF-1WG6-AM Remote Starter
Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts

Long Distance with Sleek Design (RF-P1WG9-SP)

The PRO 1-WAY G8 Remote Starter uses Spread Spectrum Technology to communicate with your vehicle from up to 1-mile away. On top of that, this remote starter’s high-powered antennas can resist natural, electronic, and structural interference.

Encased in a slim-designed remote, the 1-WAY G8 Remote Starter is the perfect solution for adding a high-powered remote starter to your vehicle without adding bulk to your keychain.

RF-P1WG8-SS Remote Kit
FT-6200S-CONT Remote Starter
Professional installation

Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts

Compustar 2WT10 Two-way Alarm w/Remote Starter 447MHz, 2-Remotes Up To 1500ft Range AUTOMATIC CARS(2WFMAS)

  • Up to 1500
  • feet of Range
  • This model uses 447MHz FM with SAW filtration to help eliminate interference. It is the third generation two-way system that was introduced in the Fall of 2001. Price, reliability, remote size and software capabilities have made this model very popular.
  • Range is quoted for U.S. models only. International models will differ in range.
  • (Includes 1 x two-way remote and 1 x one-way remote)
  • Basic Remote Features
  • Two-way paging remote
  • Audible notification (no vibration)
  • Run-time indicator
  • Turbo timer or 2nd Car
  • CompuGlow backlight
  • Multi-color LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • Shock sensor on/off through remote
  • Passive on/off through remote
  • Valet mode on/off through remote
  • Uses standard AAA batteryBasic Alarm/Start Features
  • Includes dual stage shock sensor
  • RPS (remote paging system)
  • External Siren (six-tone)
  • Super bright blue LED
  • 2-auxillary outputs
  • Dedicated trunk output
  • Horn honk output
  • Includes anti-grind and starter-kill relay
  • Driver’s priority unlock
  • Ignition controlled door locks
  • Trunk output
  • Remote start
  • Diesel features built-in

DroneMobile X1 MAX

Add DroneMobile smartphone control and GPS tracking to any Compustar remote start and security system. Built-in backup battery for added security.

The DroneMobile X1 MAX adds LTE and GPS connectivity to any Compustar remote starter or alarm, enabling unlimited range control and tracking from your smartphone.

Your Vehicle, Protected

The Drone X1-MAX not only adds unlimited range smartphone control and GPS tracking to your vehicle, but it also protects your vehicle’s security and health.

The X1-MAX Module has a built-in backup battery and security sensors to detect intrusion or battery tampering. In addition, the Drone X1-MAX includes an additional data harness for connecting your Drone X1-MAX.

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