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This has 35% tint
Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts
This truck has 5% limo tint on all four. Tinting finishes off the look of this vehicle immensely.

Window Tinting in Edmonton

Upgrade Your Car Windows with Window Tinting in Edmonton

When it comes to your car, do you value function or style? With window tinting, you don’t have to choose. Tinted windows make your car look classy while also blocking glare and unwanted light. With window tinting in Edmonton, you can customize your windows to match your personal style, protect your vision from solar glare, and enhance your comfort.

Personalized Shades of Tint

You can have complete control over the appearance and the amount of light that enters your car when you work with Aero Car Parts. We offer four different shades of tinting using 3M Automotive Window Films, one of the most time-proven window tinting options available. You can use:

  • 5% tint (the common type of tint for limousines)
  • 20% tint
  • 35% tint (the factory level tint)
  • 50% tint

You can work with our technicians to ensure your car, truck, or service vehicles receive just the right amount of tint that meets your personal preferences.

Protect Your Vision

Advanced tint options give you protection from the sun and UV rays with SPF factors over 1000. With window tinting in Edmonton, you can ensure you have a comfortable ride without the glare of the sun in your face. You can also protect your vision from the long-term effects of ultraviolet light.

Enhance Your Comfort

Window tinting allows you to control your personal comfort in your car. Deeper tints give you a more private and more enjoyable ride. Tints also keep your car cool during the summer months, especially if you leave your car out in the sun.

You can improve the look and function of your car when you tint your windows. Aero Car Parts has the window tints and car accessories that allow you to truly personalize your vehicle. Turn to our experienced technicians to explore all of your car customization options. Call (780) 440-6017 to find more information about how window tints can improve your car or truck.

More On Tinting

Window tint that looks hot, and feels cool. Improving comfort, protecting car interiors and the people who occupy them is a hallmark of 3M Automotive Window Films. 3M invented window tint in 1966 and their innovative products have provided protection from the sun’s harmful rays for more than 40 years.

Whether you’re looking for breakthrough heat-rejection technology in a clear film or simply to minimize the harmful effects of the sun, 3M Automotive Window Films are an ideal choice. While comfort and style are paramount, their non-metallized window tint options can also help you stay connected and protected with SPF factors exceeding 1000.

Aero Car parts employs a variety of window tint manufacturers to be able to provide the best price with the highest possible quality of window tints. Contact Aero Car Parts today to book your vehicle in for your own specialized tint.

Aero Car Parts offers auto window tinting services in Edmonton. We offer four shades of tinting to give your car the look and protection that you want.

On a hot sunny days, park your vehicle back towards the sun and you will notice a huge difference when you get in with tinted windows.

Tinting comes in 4 shades:

  • 5% Limo
  • 20%
  • 35% factory
  • 50%
Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts
Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts
Edmonton Vehicle Accessories & Parts

Nano Ceramic - Prime XR Plus

The Pinnacle Of High Performance Tint. Period.

There’s no better place to start than the top. If you’re wanting the most out of your next window tint application, it’s time to start looking at nano-ceramic film options from XPEL. Designed for maximum UV protection & heat rejection. this window tint can keep your vehicle cooler & more comfortable wherever you’re headed.

Signature Features

  • Ceramic Particle Technology
    Contains a proprietary blend of ceramic particles to act as a solid barrier to infrared heat while maintaining the ease of install in a 1.5 mil construction. 

  • Superior Heat Rejection
    Our multilayer nano-ceramic particle technology blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat.

  • UV Ray Protection
    Nano-Ceramic Film like PRIME XR PLUS provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.

  • Greater Clarity
    In the past, keeping cool meant choosing a darker shade of tint. The multilayer nano-ceramic construction provides ultra-high performance without reducing outbound visibility.

  • Crystal Clear Signal
    In a digital world, clear communication is key. Ceramic Window Tint construction will not interfere with radio, cellular, or bluetooth signals.

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